Our Mission

The mission of Excalibur Youth Services, LLC, Avalonia Group Homes, Inc., and their managed entities is to provide an array of comprehensive programs that serve adolescent males and females in a highly structured milieu. We provide youth with the opportunity to grow into self-reliant individuals, promote resiliency, strengthen families through a continuum of specialized programs. The emphasis at the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities is the developmental psychopathology model of treatment and utilizes an eclectic therapeutic approach.

At the Group Care Intensive Services facility a behavior management program is utilized. The ultimate goal of each program is to prepare clients to “step-down” to a less restrictive environment by establishing a decreased frequency of appropriate behaviors, acceptance of responsibility for inappropriate behaviors, and successful competion of all components of the program such as daily living, problem solving, and other skills that maximize the youth’s potential to be a self-supporting, productive adult.